Saturday, March 10, 2012

The R word

No, not recycling. Or reducing or reusing.


We all have responsibilities. And of course, every responsibility comes with its own (sometimes variable) rating in relation to all the others. What I have been finding interesting lately is the way that I have not only suddenly got a wealth of responsibilities, but also how they all are fighting for priority. Not to mention how my glut of responsibilities is making me more aware of how other people deal with theirs.

I used to be the kind of busy person that you could give anything to and it would still get done. After a length of time during which I was far from busy, I seem to have lost the effortless approach to a busy schedule that I used to have. That said, things are still getting done and I am forcing the different puzzle pieces to fit. I know that I have brought each of these responsibilities into my life because they are things that I care about and things that I want to have happen. Therefore it is easier to justify the sacrifices of time and sanity to make them work.

None of it is easy, and by no means is forcing it all to work a calming and relaxing experience at the moment. But because I am choosing to bring these things into my life, I know that I will have to put a social life, steady income, or some other priority lower on my list and I am ok with that.What I wonder at though are the responsibilities people claim they want but then aren't willing to sacrifice anything for when given the opportunity.

There is always a trade off. Some deals are better than others.You get short term stability in something you love in exchange for longer term stability in something you don't. You give up that long term stability for something that doesn't even cover costs. Or you are simply stuck in the long term soul drainer. All these are examples in only one area of the whole picture.

Add that to having some professions where long term stability just isn't an option if you are doing what you love. So why is it that the choice to follow your dream, or your training, or even your chosen career path should become one that you are scared to make? If you have a dream, surely you just have to suck it up and get on with it every now and again. Or am I being idealistic?

Or perhaps the pay check or the stability is just an excuse. For whatever reason, the responsibility isn't right for you and instead of putting your hand up and taking responsibility for your own capabilities and their limits, you fall back on the safety of your hiding place.

Whilst there are people out there that are still hiding from their responsibilities or refusing to make the sacrifices necessary for them, I have to say I am much more happy to work with the people who aren't scared to go after what they want. These are the people that inspire me.The ones that push their own boundaries but aren't ashamed to admit when they are out of their depth. The people who grab opportunities like a kid with a candy machine. For the rest of them... If you don't want the responsibility, or the sacrifice that comes with it, don't pretend you do.

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