Friday, August 15, 2014

New congestion chargefor pedestrians - 3p a step for journeys not on London transport. Stay home and blog.

So... I have been bullied (lovingly) back onto this space.

I didn't leave it purposely; I simply felt like I didn't have anything to say and got out of the habit of saying anything at all. But for my own mental sanity, and that of the people around me, perhaps I should have somewhere to dump a little of the excess froth working itself into a lather up there before it starts to come out of my mouth.

To prove that I was prodded back into this arena, I provide the following. I was having a conversation with a friend who was trying to shove some home truths at me. I apparently said something amusing that he figured was worth sharing, hence my decision to share it here. This was the conversation (picked up after my whining):

J: Then go and do something fun
Me: Fun costs money
J: Like meet up with mates for darts or something
J: It doesn't have to
Me: This is London... leaving your house costs £10.
J: Rofl
Me: Breathing outside costs 5p a breath... making eye contact with another human being is £50-200 (depending on attractiveness) which is why no one does it!
 Maybe you should try writing this stuff down as a hobby - dunno make a blog about moving half way across the world and working your arse off to be financially less secure than your mate who is ten years your junior
 It would give your mind a break, give you a chance to vent (which reduces stress levels - trust me) plus makes your work more significant (and may attract more people)
 Plus give you reflection space - means you can look back on your experiences every so often
Me: I am financially less secure than the guy panhandling on a street corner!
So, there you have it... he has all but guaranteed that if I write here, I will not only be a less stressed person, but also more significant. I must say that I have never seen the correlation before, but since I have dubbed him my social media guru, I suppose I have to listen to him.
One thing that I always hesitate about on here is how much to reveal about things that are actually happening in my life at the same time as they are happening. I never want my rants to hurt or influence the other people I might be having issues with. Something within me balks as how one sided that sort of rant ends up being. But I have a lot going on in my head right now. I can't guarantee that I will let it all out, but I hope that I can at very least get a bit of perspective. If my mental gymnastics can also be entertaining for someone else, or if what I am going through resonates, then all the better.

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