Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Things That Get You Going

It is amazing how easily your day can go from feeling blah, or mundane, or just another slog, to actually feeling as though you have something exciting to look forward to and work towards. When those individual days start to add up... well, things actually start to look up and you begin to create positives for the future. For whatever reason, after a lengthy spell without days like this, I have started having a few. There are projects that are being revived, new challenges, and most of all... a sense of purpose.

The little voice at the back of my head is still telling me to be cautious with my new-found optimism, but that sticky tick of hope has burrowed in a little.

I am still constantly expecting the large boot of fate to come crush my expectations under it's steel-toed boot heel, and every time the sky darkens, I wince and look up. Strangely though, it isn't keeping me in hiding. (Have you had enough of my oddly combined metaphors yet?)

This month has brought one multi-faceted new project, which promises both exciting challenges and opportunities to try my hand at something I always thought I might be good at. One older project that has been resurrected and now has faint but stable life signs that promise to get stronger than I had ever quite dreamed them to be. The possibility of another project, an ongoing thing which is trying to expand, and (less excitingly, but more essential for the necessities of life) a possible partial income source.

It has been a long time since I have had this much on even part of my multi-sectioned cafeteria plate and I had forgotten how good it feels.

Now to just make sure that it all happens... and to get over this cold!

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